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Russell White Handmade Knives

Thanks for visiting my website. I strive to produce a quality, hand crafted knife that you can depend on when needed. My knives are made for using regardless of the finish that they have. I build most of my knives by employing the age old art of bladesmithing. I have attained a Journeyman Smith rating in The American Bladesmithing society. All of my forged blades will be stamped with J. S.    

Among handle materials used are Desert Ironwood, Bois Darc, African Blackwood, Mammoth Ivory, Sheep Horn, Bone, Water Buffalo horn, Micarta, Dymonwood, Mother of Pearl and others.

I will take custom orders and do my best to build knives to your discription and materials.      


  Forged Blades

Hand forged blades start out as over sized stock and are hand forged into a usable blade design. Blades are forged to rough shape paying close attention not to over heat it.

The blades are then normalized and annealed. each blade is normalized three times and annealed in order to produce a fine grain structure preparing it for hardening. 

Hardening is accomplished by heating to the proper temperature and then quenched in oil. 

Blades are tempered for at least two cycles, two hours each cycle. The tempering temperature is chosen to give the best compromise between edge hardness and toughness.  

 Blades are final ground and sharpened before hand polishing. The blade is tested to see how well it will take an edge and cut. I cut rope and flex the edge across a brass rod to ensure the edge is hard enough to cut well yet tough enough not to chip out.

Satisfactory blades are then finished out with handles and guards.


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